Van Oossanen Naval Architects joins Project MENENS

Jan 27, 2022

Sailing on methanol helps significantly reduce CO2 emissions, and within the international maritime sector, it’s thought to be one of the most viable fuels for large-scale introduction in the short to medium term.

Van Oossanen Naval Architects is one of twenty-two partners who together form Project MENENS, a consortium representing the entire Dutch maritime sector from designers to fleet owners, from shipyards to suppliers. The aim is to accelerate the path to true emission-free shipping by developing and introducing adaptive methanol-based systems.

What’s more, MENENS is taking a broad approach, for example, validating future engine technologies in field labs using existing vessels converted for methanol usage. In doing so, it’s investigating future use cases for a wide range of sectors, including yachting, offshore supply, inland navigation and dredging.

Developing sustainable propulsion and energy systems for all these vessel types requires a high degree of flexibility in terms of design, technology and ancillary systems. Spin-offs from the project will benefit energy and propulsion system development for combustion engine, fuel cell, mechanical, electric and hybrid systems alike, and for applications across the full range of dynamic loads common within the maritime sector.

Focus on sustainability
Decades of expertise and experience in naval architecture, hydrodynamics and design management allow us to help shipyards and owners build or retrofit vessels to improve every aspect of their performance, efficiency, seakeeping and, above all, sustainability.

We’ve always believed it’s been our social responsibility to do business this way. But now it’s time to do even more and to show this to the rest of our industry and the world at large. We therefore consider participation in the Maritime Master Plan as a great opportunity to make a big step towards a zero-emission and future-proof maritime industry. We are very proud to support this consortium.