“Another step towards achieving the CO2 footprint reduction”


With my background as a sailor in mind, I have always been particularly interested in yacht design and while studying Maritime Technology at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, I became more and more interested in the sustainability aspect. As Van Oossanen Naval Architects is one of the maritime companies at the leading edge of sustainability innovation when it comes to the application on yachts, I didn’t hesitate a second when an internship became available.

During the research on the application of timber as a more sustainable building material for yacht manufacturing, we have gained valuable insights in the potential advantages timber has to offer. This research has been quantified by various simulations before being able to compare its CO2 footprint to those of the more common building materials. This research is another step towards achieving the CO2 footprint reduction in yacht manufacturing the industry is aiming for in 2030.