5112 “Stabiliteit en drijfvermogen van ronde- en platbodemjachten”



“Stabiliteit en drijfvermogen van ronde- en platbodemjachten”, by Peter van Oossanen and Niels Moerke, Published in “Spiegel der zeilvaart”, Vol. 26, No. 10, December 2002/January 2003 (ID No. 5112).

This paper (in Dutch) presents the results of a study of the flotation and stability properties of traditional lee-board yachts of the type “Lemsteraak”. The study was aimed at means to increase the angle of vanishing stability, the righting moment at 90 degrees of heel, and the flooding characteristics after water ingress, so that the resulting stability characteristics of these yachts comply with the requirements of ISO 12217-2.