Design Management

It’s vital to look at the entire project and process when undertaking something as complex as building a boat, ship or yacht.

The early design and engineering stages can have major knock-on effects for the remainder of a project ­– both positive and negative. For example, early-stage delays can ripple through an entire project. Conversely, proactive management of early-stage design can actually help eliminate contractual/building risks further down the line and even help streamline transition to the final building stages at the shipyard itself.

At Van Oossanen, we look further ahead than just the early design and engineering phases – we examine all your requirements and your project as a whole, from start to finish.

We call this client-driven design management.

Design Process

Designing and building a boat, ship or yacht is highly complex – not least because there are so many parties involved: naval architects, designers, shipbuilders and, of course, the end clients themselves. They each have their own set of requirements and expectations, many of which remain unspoken!

Often, the decisions made during the first 10% of a project determine the outcome and success of the remaining 90%.

At Van Oossanen, we’ve developed an internal design management process that provides everyone involved with the right information in the right place at the right time. We work closely with the shipyard to gain a full understanding of their production facilities, standards, processes and philosophies and align our design with their working practices.

Reduced Risk

As a client, you’re the most critical part of the entire design process. Only by listening extremely carefully to your exact requirements during the early design phase can we apply our expertise and experience to ensure delivery of a vessel that meets all your requirements and technical specifications.

This extends beyond just the design – it involves managing the entire process to eliminate the risk of delays, reworks and failure to meet technical, performance-related criteria such as the vessel’s speed, range and/or operability.

What’s more, we’re not afraid to seek further improvements and optimisations beyond your initial requirements and specifications. We’re engineers. We’re innovators. We’ll deliver a product that meets or exceeds your expectations without exposing you to unnecessary risk.

Integrated Design Management

From conceptual sketches to final designs, it’s vital that our design decisions are transparent for everyone involved: shipbuilders, suppliers, contractors and clients alike.

It’s our job as naval architects to position ourselves at the centre of this network and to ensure the integration and alignment of the vessel’s design requirements with each and every engineering discipline involved in the building process.

Hence, we’re dedicated not only to our own design work in the initial stages but also to the success of your project as a whole.