Interesting Facts

The design of the vessel is an important step forward in vessel design for these kinds of ships. The combination of the FDHF and Hull Vane® make the vessel unique in her segment. The public tender was won based on the low life cycle costs and low environmental impact. RPA 8 needs just 60% of the power (2x 382 kW versus 2 x 634 kW) of its predecessor, RPA 1, to obtain the same speed of 35 km/h.
The combination of the unique hull shape, the Hull Vane® and the hybrid system ensures that RPA 8 consumes 40% less fuel than the RPA 1 & 2.

Project details

Builder: Kooiman Shipyard
Length: 25m
Type: Patrol Boat
Hull: Fast Displacement Hull Form + Hull Vane®
Speed: 19 knots
Scope: Naval Architecture
Year Launched: 2017