The effects of the Hull Vane® on ship motions of ferries and RoPax vessels



This paper discusses research into the seakeeping aspects of the Hull Vane® on larger (RoPax) vessels. Results from tank tests of the 167 meter container vessel Rijnborg and CFD computations on the 167 meter RoPax vessel Norbank will be shown and discussed. These results show that both the pitch motion and the added resistance due to waves can also be effectively reduced by applying a Hull Vane® on larger vessels.

A CFD computation of the RoPax vessel in 2.5 meter waves showed a pitch reduction of 4.9%, and a reduction of the wave-induced added resistance of 4.5%. The Rijnborg was model tested in different regular wave systems, with and without Hull Vane®. All tests in regular waves showed a reduction of the pitch motion, on average by 11,4%. Model tests in ice were done at Arctech Helsinki. This research was at first presented at the RINA Ferries & RoPax Conference in London, in 2015.