5746 “Hull Vane™ Versus Lengthening”



“Hull VaneTM Versus Lengthening”, by N. Hagemeister, K. Uithof, B. Bouckaert & A. Mikelic, Published in the Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on “Fast Sea Transportation (FAST 2017)”, Nantes, France, 27-29 September 2017 (ID NO.5746)

This paper addresses the results of a CFD study into the effectiveness of the Hull VaneTM in reducing the resistance of the hull in comparison with the effect on resistance of increasing the hull length by an amount equal to the distance the Hull VaneTM extends aft of the transom. These calculations were carried out for a 61 m offshore patrol vessel. The results show that for the given operational profile of the vessel the Hull VaneTM offers a more beneficial option.