5553 “Controlling the Ride Height of Hydro-Foiling Boats in RANSE CFD”



“Controlling the Ride Height of Hydro-Foiling Boats in RANSE CFD”, by Friso Bergsma, Sebastiaan Zaaijer and Niels Moerke, Published in the Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on High-Performance Marine Vehicles (HIPER 2014), Athens, Greece, 3-5 December 2014 (ID No. 5553).

For obtaining the optimum performance of craft supported on foils it is important for those craft to be able to possess a low “take-off” speed (the speed at which the hull is lifted out of the water) and to then maintain ride height (above the water) and running attitude, by controlling the angle of attack of the foils. This paper presents a method to perform simulations of the take-off behaviour of such craft in RANSE CFD, thereby providing a procedure for investigating the merits of different hull and foil geometries.