4484a “Hydro-Acoustic Design Aspects of Cavitating Propellers”



“Hydroacoustic Design Aspects of Cavitating Propellers”, by Peter van Oossanen and Albert Stuurman, Published in the Proceedings of the Joint ASCE-IAHR/AIRH-ASME Symposium on “Design and Operation of Fluid Machinery”, 12-14 June 1978, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, pp. 511-521 (ID No. 4484a).

In this paper it is shown that the acoustic source level of cavitating ship propellers can be divided into two distinct regions when considering the mechanism responsible for the observed noise levels. Below about 50 to 100 Hz, the variation in the volume of the cavities on the blades is largely responsible for the levels in radiated noise at frequencies corresponding to the first 5 harmonics of the blade rate. At frequencies above about 100 Hz the collapse phenomena of individual cavities is largely responsible for the level in radiated noise.