2167 “Design of a Dynamometer for Testing Yacht Models”



“Design of a Dynamometer for Testing Yacht Models”, by Charles Gommers and Peter van Oossanen, Published in the Proceedings of the 20th American Towing Tank Conference, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, August 1983 (ID No. 2167).

This paper describes a testing system allowing for the measurement of the drag and side force of a sailing yacht model in the towing tank, at a prescribed forward speed, such that the model is free to adopt leeway, and to freely heel and to trim, such that the forces and moments imposed on the model by the force acting at right angles to the towing mast, at a height equivalent to the height of the centre of force on the sails, are in equilibrium with the hydrodynamic forces and moments acting on hull, keel and rudder. This technique allows for the true simulation of the actual behaviour of sailing yachts on model scale.