2075 “The Development of the Winged Keel for Twelve-Metre Yachts”



“The Development of the Winged Keel for Twelve-Metre Yachts”, by Peter van Oossanen and Peter Joubert, Published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, Vol. 173, pp 55-71, 1986 (ID No. 2075).

This paper describes the results of a numerical and experimental study of the winged keel originally developed for the International 12 Metre Class yacht “Australia II” that won the America’s Cup in 1983. After some basic considerations with respect to the design of the hull of the subject yacht, the advantageous use of inverse keel taper and the fitting of winglets to the keel is explained. The results of a study in the wind tunnel of the flow around the keel are then provided and discussed.