Jetten65 soon to be delivered to her proud owner…

Mar 22, 2018

Almost ready to be delivered, the Jetten65 recently received a visual reminder of its ‘Dutch’ efficiency. A sticker placed above the waterline unreveils the 19.3 m yacht features Van Oossanen’s Fast Displacement Hull Form as well as our patented ‘underwater spoiler’ the Hull Vane®.

The newbuild of the yacht started June 2016.  The project with an exterior and interior design by Cor D. Rover, meant a new concept for owners that favour the aft cabin yachts. Being fast and ‘seaworthy’ comfortable at the same time. Equipped with two 550 HP Cummins engines and Van Oossanen’s patented Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF), the yacht reaches 20 knots.

The Hull Vane® has been added to the design, following the explicit preferences of the owner Paul Klaassen, who is a big fan of foils and bringing new technology to boating. Klaassen also initiated the Hull Vane® to be painted orange as a clear reference to its Dutch origins.

Apart from 10% fuel savings at the yacht’s cruising speed, the Hull Vane® also reduces the pitch motions of the yacht, making her a real explorer companion for yacht owners looking for the highest levels of onboard comfort.

To indicate the benefits of applying Hull Vane, Van Oossanen simulated the yacht design in the maximum wave conditions typically encountered on the Dutch inland waters, with the help of computational fluid dynamics. The test showed an overall reduction of motions of almost 11%.

The recently placed sticker sends a clear message ‘above the waterline’ of what happens below… making a statement of efficiency and comfort within a new aft cabin yacht concept. The Jetten65 is expected to be delivered to her proud owner soon.

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