The Science of science Fiction

Jun 11, 2021

Our founder, Peter van Oossanen, published over a hundred scientific papers and five books throughout his academic and naval architecture career.

Now in retirement, he’s turned his wealth of accumulated scientific and engineering-related expertise and experience to writing fiction.

But not just any fiction – science fiction! Where the ’science’ is rooted firmly in reality, but extrapolated ever so slightly into the realm of ’science fiction’. He ingeniously weaves the ’science’ into the storyline so that readers with even a moderate understanding of the underlying physics will grasp the principles.

The literary world welcomed the books as follows: “The books tell the epic story of a man who has been tasked with the elimination of criminals who have infested Los Angeles. The events portrayed have been described in a captivating manner – particularly with respect to the love he feels for a woman he has saved from the grasp of her would-be murderers and later, in the second book, his loss when she and her two children are murdered. The description of his struggle to survive his loss is presented in a way that makes you feel the great distress and anguish he is in. The story has been set in a science-fiction background but in such a way that it doesn’t become a prominent feature. The third book (not yet available) picks up the story that unfolds years later when he is charged with the removal of the President of the USA, for the good of the country.” …. Blackbird Literary Agency.

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